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Album: Metamorphosis [free mp3]

Release: 2008 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Metamorphosis download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Simpatico.mp3 (7.50mb) download
2. Maysa - My Destiny (Ft Najee).mp3 (6.26mb) download
3. Maysa - Never Really Ever.mp3 (5.50mb) download
4. Maysa - Let's Figure It Out (A Song For Bluey Ft Nick Colionne).mp3 (10.00mb) download
5. Maysa - I Need A Man.mp3 (6.01mb) download
6. Maysa - Higher Love (Ft Najee And Nick Colionne).mp3 (6.31mb) download
7. Maysa - Take Me Away.mp3 (6.27mb) download
8. Maysa - Happy Feelings.mp3 (8.51mb) download
9. Maysa - Love So True.mp3 (6.24mb) download
10. Maysa - Walk Away.mp3 (9.39mb) download
11. Maysa - Grateful.mp3 (6.54mb) download
12. Maysa - A Conversation With The Universe (Ft Global Noize).mp3 (8.96mb) download

Album: Esta Chama Que Nao Vai Passar [free mp3]

Release: 2007 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 20 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Esta Chama Que Nao Vai Passar download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Alcione - Ouca.mp3 (4.97mb) download
2. Maysa - Ney Matogrosso - Meu Mundo Caiu.mp3 (4.90mb) download
3. Maysa - Celia E Dominguinhos - Nos.mp3 (5.34mb) download
4. Maysa - Alaide Costa - Demais.mp3 (4.96mb) download
5. Maysa - Maria Bethania - Quando Chegares.mp3 (5.02mb) download
6. Maysa - Beth Carvalho - Bom Dia Tristeza.mp3 (6.02mb) download
7. Maysa - Cauby Peixoto - Ne Me Quite Pas.mp3 (6.36mb) download
8. Maysa - Olivia Hime - Quando A Saudade Vem.mp3 (4.77mb) download
9. Maysa - Zelia Duncan - Franqueza.mp3 (5.45mb) download
10. Maysa - Edson Cordeiro - I Love Paris.mp3 (5.54mb) download
11. Maysa - Fernanda Porto - Nego Malandro De Morro.mp3 (5.84mb) download
12. Maysa - Carlos Navas - Resposta.mp3 (4.08mb) download
13. Maysa - Cida Moreira - Adeus.mp3 (5.02mb) download
14. Maysa - Arnaldo Antunes - Ate Quem Sabe.mp3 (3.99mb) download
15. Maysa - Bibi Ferreira - Suas Maos.mp3 (6.60mb) download
16. Maysa - Leila Pinheiro - Raizes.mp3 (4.38mb) download
17. Maysa - Claudette Soares - Tema De Simone.mp3 (5.06mb) download
18. Maysa - Zeca Baleiro - Por Causa De Voce.mp3 (5.87mb) download
19. Maysa - Leny Andrade - Pra Nao Mais Voltar.mp3 (6.89mb) download
20. Maysa - Claudia - Morrer De Amor.mp3 (6.16mb) download

Album: Feel The Fire [free mp3]

Release: 2007 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Feel The Fire download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Cant Help It.mp3 (5.61mb) download
2. Maysa - You Are My Starship.mp3 (6.39mb) download
3. Maysa - Happy Feeling.mp3 (7.37mb) download
4. Maysa - I Dont Want To Lose You.mp3 (5.38mb) download
5. Maysa - Feel The Fire.mp3 (5.96mb) download
6. Maysa - Zoom.mp3 (7.20mb) download
7. Maysa - Send For Me.mp3 (6.58mb) download
8. Maysa - Im In Love.mp3 (5.90mb) download
9. Maysa - This Time Ill Be Sweeter.mp3 (4.68mb) download
10. Maysa - Aint No Sunshine.mp3 (6.02mb) download

Album: Sweet Classic Soul [free mp3]

Release: 2006 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Sweet Classic Soul download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Wishing On A Star.mp3 (7.59mb) download
2. Maysa - Don't Say Goodnight.mp3 (8.63mb) download
3. Maysa - All I Do.mp3 (7.96mb) download
4. Maysa - Love Won't Let Me Wait.mp3 (6.70mb) download
5. Maysa - Come Go With Me.mp3 (7.87mb) download
6. Maysa - Betcha By Golly Wow.mp3 (8.10mb) download
7. Maysa - Playing Your Game Baby.mp3 (7.57mb) download
8. Maysa - Love Comes Easy.mp3 (7.91mb) download
9. Maysa - Any Love.mp3 (6.62mb) download
10. Maysa - The First Time(Ever I Saw Your Face).mp3 (7.13mb) download

Album: Out Of The Blue [free mp3]

Release: 2002 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Out Of The Blue download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Friendly Pressure.mp3 (6.30mb) download
2. Maysa - Out Of The Blue.mp3 (6.90mb) download
3. Maysa - Spirit (Interlude).mp3 (1.27mb) download
4. Maysa - Head To The Sky.mp3 (6.21mb) download
5. Maysa - Simple Life.mp3 (5.26mb) download
6. Maysa - Right Here Right Now.mp3 (6.12mb) download
7. Maysa - MSDF Interlude.mp3 (0.90mb) download
8. Maysa - Mr. So Damn Fine.mp3 (6.04mb) download
9. Maysa - I Want You (Interlude).mp3 (1.33mb) download
10. Maysa - Blue Horizon.mp3 (5.39mb) download
11. Maysa - Osaka.mp3 (2.14mb) download
12. Maysa - Everything.mp3 (5.64mb) download
13. Maysa - Tailor Made Love.mp3 (5.42mb) download
14. Maysa - If It's Love.mp3 (5.83mb) download
15. Maysa - Thank You (Interlude).mp3 (1.50mb) download
16. Maysa - Family Affair.mp3 (8.00mb) download

Album: Canecao Apresenta Maysa [free mp3]

Release: 1969 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Canecao Apresenta Maysa download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Demais. Meu Mundo Caiu. Preciso Aprender A Ser So.mp3 (5.80mb) download
2. Maysa - Pra Quem Nao Quer Ouvir Meu Canto.mp3 (3.84mb) download
3. Maysa - Por Causa De Voce. Dindi.mp3 (7.05mb) download
4. Maysa - Se Voce Pensa.mp3 (3.31mb) download
5. Maysa - Ne Me Quitte Pas.mp3 (5.51mb) download
6. Maysa - Light My Fire.mp3 (4.71mb) download
7. Maysa - Chao De Estrelas.mp3 (5.15mb) download
8. Maysa - Tarde Demais. Meu Mundo Caiu. Ouca.mp3 (6.37mb) download
9. Maysa - Eu E A Brisa.mp3 (4.17mb) download
10. Maysa - Dia De Vitoria.mp3 (4.97mb) download
11. Maysa - Dia Das Rosas.mp3 (4.13mb) download
12. Maysa - Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce.mp3 (5.61mb) download

Album: Acervo Especial [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 13 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Acervo Especial download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Demais ; Meu Mundo Caiu.mp3 (3.44mb) download
2. Maysa - Canto De Ossanha.mp3 (3.01mb) download
3. Maysa - As Mesmas Historias.mp3 (5.79mb) download
4. Maysa - Dias Das Rosas.mp3 (3.34mb) download
5. Maysa - Cancao Sem Titulo.mp3 (2.30mb) download
6. Maysa - Just In Time.mp3 (3.85mb) download
7. Maysa - Amor Paz.mp3 (3.94mb) download
8. Maysa - Ne Me Quittes Pas.mp3 (3.90mb) download
9. Maysa - Tristeza.mp3 (3.25mb) download
10. Maysa - What Are You Doing The Rest Of My Life.mp3 (3.51mb) download
11. Maysa - Primavera; Euridice; Cancao Do Amanhecer.mp3 (7.48mb) download
12. Maysa - Canto Livre.mp3 (3.45mb) download
13. Maysa - Morrer De Amor.mp3 (4.84mb) download

Album: Smooth Sailing [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Maysa
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Smooth Sailing download


File Size      #
1. Maysa - Hypnotic Love.mp3 (7.67mb) download
2. Maysa - Smooth Sailing.mp3 (7.35mb) download
3. Maysa - Soul Child.mp3 (6.56mb) download
4. Maysa - Seat World.mp3 (5.90mb) download
5. Maysa - Where Do You Go.mp3 (7.09mb) download
6. Maysa - So Very Hot.mp3 (6.99mb) download
7. Maysa - All Day Long.mp3 (7.94mb) download
8. Maysa - It's Time For Love.mp3 (6.42mb) download
9. Maysa - Where Have You Been.mp3 (6.71mb) download
10. Maysa - One More Chance.mp3 (7.69mb) download
11. Maysa - Unexpectedly.mp3 (6.86mb) download

[ Beatles: Good Morning Good Morning ]

Artist: Beatles
Song: Good Morning Good Morning

Nothing to do to save his life call his wife in
Nothing to say but what a day how's your boy been
Nothing to do it's up to you
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.
Good morning, good morning...
Going to work don't want to go feeling low down
Heading for home you start to roam then you're in town
Everybody knows there's nothing doing
Everything is closed it's like a ruin
Everyone you see is half asleep.
And you're on your own you're in the street
Good morning, good morning...
After a while you start to smile now you feel cool.
Then you decide to take a walk by the old school.
Nothing has changed it's still the same
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.
Good morning, good morning...
People running round it's five o'clock.
Everywhere in town is getting dark.
Everyone you see is full of life.
It's time for tea and meet the wife.
Somebody needs to know the time, glad that I'm here.
Watching the skirts you start to flirt now you're in gear.
Go to a show you hope she goes.
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K.
Good morning, good morning...

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